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Assisting you with:
  • Compliance Issues
  • Management Consulting
  • HR for Emerging Organizations
  • Employee Communications
  • Practices that Improve Profitability

We provide . . .

        Compliance Assessment and Advice

There are many steps you can take to avert potential problems with your employees. We recommend our Complete Compliance™; checklist to keep you on the right path. We'll review your current practices and recommend both legal and best-practices changes you can make to improve how you work with your employees.

        Management Consulting

Are you having difficulties defining job responsibilities? Are there conflicts between your employees you cannot seem to resolve? We can help with individual consulting and group facilitation.

        HR for Emerging Organizations

We can help develop job descriptions, company policies and employee handbooks that effectively communicate to your prospective and current employees your expectations. Some of these communications are mandated by law, others promote a more engaged workforce. We can also help recruit and interview for open positions.

        Employee Communications

We have significant experience in soliciting feedback from your employees to improve their job satisfaction and their effectiveness in their jobs. We can help you learn what benefits your employees find most beneficial, and use that information to design a cost-effective benefits program. We can also help you communicate to your employees regarding the value of their benefits.

        Developing Practices that Improve Profitability

HR is all about people working together, and we are experienced at coaching managers and employees to improve their human relations skills. We have taught team development skills to large and small organizations and developed techniques to improve how peer employees and managers work together. Once we understand your strategic goals, we can help you align your human capital with those goals. These efforts result in direct, sustained and quantifiable improvements in efficiency and profitability.


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